Responsible Gambling

Our Commitment

We, at betPawa, believe in responsible gaming and take our responsibilities seriously. It is our goal to ensure our customers enjoy gambling with us as an exciting pastime yet it will remain such only as long as one can stay in control.

To assist our customers with keeping their experience with us to remain positive, we offer a range of suggestions to help while gambling:

  • Maintaining control
  • Observing betting activity
  • Warning signs
  • Self Exclusion
  • Underage betting

All of our customers are welcome to go over the content of the page whenever they feel the need.

Maintaining control

While we would like to see our customers enjoying the time spent with us, there are key points to remember that may help to keep things that way:

  • Gambling should be considered as a form of entertainment and not as a source of income
  • Keep gambling separate from other daily life activities and family responsibilities
  • Establish affordable deposit levels on daily, weekly or monthly basis and stick to them
  • You should never chase your losses or try to recoup debts
  • Avoid gambling when under influence of alcohol or emotional stress
  • Regularly take breaks from gambling and check your betting activity
  • Gambling is a game of chance and as such there are no formulas to guarantee winnings

Observing betting activity

We suggest to regularly visit your account statement to keep an eye on your betting activity, deposit and withdrawals. To do so, Log In to your account and go to Statement. The view is very informative yet simple making it easy to follow through.

It’s up to the each individual to decide how often and to what extent the betting activities should be checked, and we’ll make our best efforts to ensure this option is available and convenient to use.

Warning signs

In case you find yourself in a situation where gambling feels like a burden yet it’s not that easy to stop playing, it may indicate a problem. The more signs you recognize, the bigger the problem there may be:

  • Gambling is perceived solely as a way of making money
  • Gambling activities affect your daily life and family responsibilities in a negative way
  • Neglecting personal needs (such as food, sleep) because of gambling
  • Betting more than you can afford
  • Gamble because of frustration or other negative feelings
  • Trying to conceal your gambling activities or the consequences of them
  • Stolen or borrowed from others in attempt to rectify the results of your gambling activities
  • Others say you have a gambling addiction
  • Repeatedly failed in attempting to control your gambling activities

The list above does not represent all of the warning signs, therefore each individual should make their judgement based on their own situation and seek help when needed.

Self exclusion

If you feel or believe to have a gambling problem, please consider Self exclusion option described below.

What is self exclusion?
Self exclusion is an option that allows to close your account. There are 2 possible options we offer: temporary and permanent exclusions. Temporary exclusion makes the account inaccessible until it’s unlocked, so when you feel ready, you can go back to it. If you were to choose Permanent exclusion, the account will never be accessible again and there are no means to revert this process. We will use all our reasonable efforts to assist in self-exclusion. However, you accept that we are not liable if you manage to bypass our measures in circumstances which are beyond our control.

How to self exclude and reopen the account?
If you have decided to close the account, either temporary or permanently, please contact our customer support team so we can help you with this. Our customer support contact details can be found at the Help section of our page. Please follow the same process if you wish to reopen your temporarily locked account.

Why to self exclude?
Self exclusion may help to battle a gambling addiction. Once the account is closed, it’s best to seek additional help and/or return to those daily life activities which were affected negatively due to gambling. If you find yourself in need of support or advice to overcome gambling problems, it’s worth contacting an organization that specialize in gambling awareness, such as Gambling Therapy, or seek a consultation in your area.

Underage Betting

By registering on the website and placing a bet, the Client confirms that he has reached the age of 18.
The Company reserves the right to verify any Client’s age and to exclude Clients from its services if there are doubts regarding the attainment of the minimum age.

Any Client using the Company services who is identified as underage shall have all winnings forfeited and his betting account disabled.

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